CPS Plan: The breakdown of the schools

January 24, 2008 4:04:19 PM PST
The plan calls for turning around eight schools- four high schools and four elementary schools.
  • Harper High School, 6520 S. Wood

  • PSAE scores show only 5-percent of students have met or exceeded state standards on average over the last three years. Harper would be turned around at the same time as two of its feeder elementary schools:
    • Fulton Elementary, 5300 S. Hermitage

    • 30-percent of the school population met or exceeded state standards, but on average, only 31-percent met or exceeded standards in the last three years
    • Copernicus Elementary, 6010 S. Throop

    • 33-percent of the student body met or exceeded standards, but on average only 30-percent met or exceeded standards over last 4 years.

    Three small schools on the Orr High School campus, 730 N. Pulaski Road, would merge into one:

    • Mose Vines High School

    • Over the last 3 years only 10-percent of students have met or exceeded state standards on PSAE.
    • AASTA High School

    • Test scores for the last three years show that on average, fewer than 10 percent of students have met or exceeded state standards.
    • EXCEL-Orr Acacemy

    • Test scores have been sliding for the last three years. On average, only 13-percent of students meet or exceed state standards

    Two feeder elementary schools for schools at Orr would also be turned around:

    • Morton Career Academy, 431 N. Troy

    • ISAT scores show 33-percent of the student body met or exceeded state standards. The trhee year composite average on the ISAT is 27-percent
    • Howe Elementary, 720 N. Lorel Ave.

    • ISAT scores last year showed 37-percent of students met or exceeded standards. The three year average is 32-percent

    The plan calls for consolidating under-enrolled schools:

    • Gladstone Elementary, 1231 S. Damen,

    • Pre-kindergarten to eight grade school has enrollment of 287. Building would close, but Gladstone's attendance boundary would be reassigned to Smyth Magnet School, 1059 W. 13th and Plamondon, 2642 W. 15th Place. Students would have option of attending other nearby schools.
    • Johns Middle Academy, 6936 S. Hermitage Ave.

    • Fourth through eight grade school with 308 students would be absorbed into the new Miles Davis, 6740 S. Paulina, less than a mile away.
    • Miles Davis Academy, 6723 S. Wood

    • Pre-kindergarten through third-grade school with enrollment of 306 would also fold into new Miles Davis magnet school
    • Andersen Elementary, 1148 N. Honore Street

    • Pre-K through 8th grade school with 580 students would be phased out. New students would attend Pritzker Elementary, 2009 W. Schiller St.
    • Midway Academy, 5434 S. Lockwood Ave

    • Second to 8th grade school with 90 students would close. Children would attend neighborhood schools
    • Carver Middle School, 801 E. 133rd Place

    • 5th to 8th grade school with 244 would consolidate with feeder school, Carver Primary, 901 E. 133rdPlace, located next door.
    • De La Cruz, 2317 West 23rd Place

    • middle school with 102 7th and 8th grade students, will be consolidated with Finkl Elementary, 2332 S. Western Avenue, two blocks away.
    • Abbott Elementary, 36390 S. Wells Street

    • 99 students in grades k-8th would consolidate with Graham Elementary, 4436 S. Union Ave. less than two miles away
    • Irving Park Middle School, 3815 N. Kedvale Ave.

    • 348 students in grade 7 and 8 would be phased out. New students would attend Marshall Middle School, 3900 N. Lawndale Avenue
    • Edison Regional Gifted Center, 6220 N. Olcott Avenue

    • 274 student in kindergarten through 8th grade would be relocated and share a building with the Albany Park Mulitcultural Academy, 4929 N. Sawyer Ave. Edison would remain a regional gifted center at the new location and both schools would retain their own identities
    • Roque DeDuprey Elementary, 1405 N. Washtenaw Ave.
    • 235 first through 8th graders would be relocated to Von Humboldt Elementary, 2620 W. Hirsch, which is one bock away. Both schools would have separate identities.