Fashion stylist launches 'Just Try It On'

Fashion Stylist Susan Redstone Launches Just Try It On! A Month by Month Guide to Shopping and Style
January 29, 2008 7:23:33 AM PST
Fashion stylist Susan Redstone visits ABC7 Chicago.

What's the best month to buy denim, a winter coat, or a holiday dress? After six years as a style commentator for national print and broadcast outlets, style expert and fashion journalist, Susan Redstone, has put her expertise in her new book, Just Try It On!, a month-by-month guide filled with the most coveted fashion tips and shopping advice from inside the fashion industry. This never before approach to fashion makes Just Try It On! the ultimate guide for behind the scenes knowledge on shopping. Just Try It On! has 12 chapters, one designated to each month that tells you exactly what to buy that month and tips on how to lower your shopping tab.

Inside Just Try It On!, Susan Redstone gives her expert insider advice on fashion and style. The illustrations throughout the book are fashion sketches by Cynthia Steffe, one of America's leading contemporary fashion designers. Overall, Just Try It On! is "a titillating, tempting, and terrific tour of the ins and outs of fashion" exclaims Phillip Bloch, Celebrity Stylist. As a recognized fashion, travel, and style writer who has been in the industry for over a decade, Susan Redstone's unique, unending fashion expertise and fun British twist has made her the go-to fashion and style expert for a long list of notable print and broadcast media: New York Times, InStyle, Elle, London Sunday Times, plus NBC, CW, FOX, and ABC TV affiliates to name a few.

January highlights Your Fashion Emergency Kit. This first chapter tells you how to build a personalized F.E.K, featuring double sided tape, clear nail polish, a sweater, a comfy pair of flats and many other smart essentials. Redstone says, "F.E.K's are key in helping ward off fashion disasters ?it's like buying fashion insurance!" The January chapter also includes "The Annual Merchandising Schedule" and "Sale Shopping Do's and Don'ts".

April features Squirm-Free Swimwear and teaches you how to purchase the perfect bathing suit ahead of the season. Redstone discusses where to go and what they know. You might not be wearing a bathing suit right now, but that's exactly what this book preaches. By knowing the seasonal shipment dates for the fashion industry, you become the first to purchase the newest clothes with the biggest selections.

October's Fashion Etiquette, includes a Q&A with eight top designers including Catherine Malandrino, Nicole Miller, and Betsey Johnson, answering questions about what's acceptable in fashion, like can you wear bare legs in winter or can you wear white as a wedding guest? October is also the best time to buy holiday outfits, parkas, costume jewelry, and party shoes.

The remaining nine months (and chapters) are full of savvy shopping and fashion tips that will help you successfully sift through a thrift store, buy the best fitting jeans, and even help style your date. Just Try It On! is published by Citadel Press [Kensington Publishing Corp.] and is now on sale at Barnes & Nobles for $15.95.

  • Flats, jeweled or pretty not boring!
  • Double Sided tape - for taping dropped hems
  • Mini/hotel Sewing kit
  • Baby wipes - for stains
  • White (or black) no-iron shirt (Lots under $30 at JC Penney)
  • One tube Mascara (Maybelline Great Lash is great!)
  • Non-Aerosol hairspray (for static cling not just hair!)
  • Nude thong (Commando or Fashion First Aid available at
  • Spare Aviator Sunglasses (This shape is unisex - NB see this season's Marc Jacobs)
  • Small foldaway umbrella
  • Converse Sneakers (all-season sneaker)- at Lady Foot Locker
  • Shawl or scarf - for dress up or warm up Spare neutral jacket
  • Basic girl toiletries in pouch
  • Spare nude thong (Fashion First Aid from
  • Soft house shoes (the perfect pair is EMUS like Uggs but slippers!)
  • Bathing suit (hey, that spa visit could be impromptu!)
  • Spare bathing suit and spare Ziploc bag for wet one
  • Plastic arm sunglasses so not to rip wet hair (Marc by Marc Jacobs)
  • Tiny tube sunscreen
  • Spare $20! (Who knows??)
  • Fashion Jewelry (for a beach to bar situation)
  • Waterproof Mascara (Great Lash by Maybelline is THE best)
  • Hand wipes (for sanitation!)
  • Face wipes (For a fresh face)
  • Baseball cap

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