3 Republicans hope to oust Sen. Durbin

January 31, 2008 4:29:15 PM PST
Next Tuesday, three Republicans will be on the ballot for U.S. Senate in Illinois.The winner will go on to face Democratic incumbent Dick Durbin in November.

Steve Sauerberg is a long-time family physician who's never run for elected office but believes that works in his favor. He's won newspaper endorsements and has the backing of the state Republican Central committee.

Andy Martin is an Internet commentator and perennial candidate who believes he has the credibility his opponents lack. He wants to bring high-speed rail to Illinois.

Mike Psak is a truck driver with an MBA from DePaul who believes Washington has too many lawyers and multi-millionaires. He advocates eliminating the nation's toll ways.

"We have a conservative state, and our party keeps losing elections and I got tired of it," said Mike Psak, (R) Senate Candidate.

All three Republicans are opposed to a timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq. All three favor a tough stand on immigration - no amnesty. All three say they would slash government spending.

As a physician, Sauerberg said he believes that frivolous lawsuits have driven up costs and inefficiencies in health care. He proposes administrative health courts to hear malpractice claims, and would offer federal tax rebates to for families and individuals to buy health insurance.

"I truly believe we can knock 35 percent off this thing, and then we can start putting it in the pickets of each individual to buy and be responsible for, and that's a totally different thing," said Sauerberg. "No more fear of losing your job and losing your health care."

"He may think he's a right winger, but he's way out in left field," said Martin.

Martin says Sauerberg's administrative health court plan would stymie legitimate malpractice claims, something Sauerberg says is untrue.

All three Republicans are of one voice in claiming that incumbent Durbin is an out-of touch, tax-and-spend liberal. That'll be the mantra for the Republican winner who faces very long odds in November.