Which presidential candidate is spicier?

February 2, 2008 5:10:01 PM PST
As Super Tuesday approaches a community in north western Illinois is turning up the heat on the presidential race with a little flavor.The Galena Canning Company is selling hot sauces named after the candidates.

Each democratic and republican contender has a bottle. The store's manager is tracking sales to see if they predict the outcome.

The Hillary Clinton sauce has been selling the fastest.

"She sold out? that's kind of a clue isn't it," said Tom and Jeni Reiva, visiting from Nebraska.

"We'll probably order very heavily on Hillary because she' been selling two to one to the others lately although Obama has been coming on very strong here of late," said Chris Ludescher, manager, Galena Canning Company.

None of the sauces is actually spicier then the other. They are the same flavor--just with different candidates.