Tech Smart

null Now there's a robot that can do the job. Dutch inventors unveiled Tank Pitstop earlier this week. A robotic arm extends from the gas pump, opens the gas cap and fuels the car. The robot could be at work later this year at gas stations in the Netherlands.

An Oregon brewery is using the sun to make beer. The Lucky Lab Brew Pub in Portland uses solar panels on the roof to heat the water used to make beer. The brew pub plans to create a special Sun Beer to celebrate their new solar system.

Now instead of directory assistance, you can Google phone numbers and addresses. Goog 411 is a free, voice-activated service available on any phone. Or you can purchase the new premiere series phone, which has a dedicated button to call for information.

And after being delayed for two years, the Pleo dinosaur is now available. The $350 robot doesn't follow commands. Instead, Pleo changes its behavior as it adapts to its surroundings. it barks, cries and plays tug of war. Pleo owners can even download a program to make the dinosaur act like a guard dog.

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