Movie posters go up for auction

February 11, 2008 4:01:28 PM PST
Some old movie posters are going up on the auction block for collectors. Cory Glaberson has a very unusual occupation: he collects and sells old comic books and classic toys. Right now he's is gathering a collection of great old movie posters that will go up for auction next month.

"We're doing the Hollywood Poster Auction Chicago. The first movie poster auction in Chicago and we're going to be auctioning off six hundred and forty lots or so on March 15th at the Marriott O'Hare," said Glaberson, president, Reel Art, Inc.

There are posters from around the world and from different times, including the silent era and up through the nineties. More than anything, the classic older posters are highly valued.

"The art is beautiful. The rarity. And also very important is the fact is that people love having posters. They love hanging these things on their walls," said Glaberson.

The posters will probably sell for anywhere from about $100 up to about $45,000 with a total value of about $1 million. That's why the warehouse's location is being kept quiet.

Cory estimates there will be about 800 posters in all-- all sizes and all prices. One of the more expensive is Babe Ruth Comes Home.