Icy sidewalks plague Chicago area

February 13, 2008 7:09:16 PM PST
There are a lot of icy sidewalks in the Chicago area, and that is creating dangerous conditions for pedestrians.Snow melted then froze, and a lot of people aren't being as careful as they should when walking.

City crews can't do much about the ice.

Chicago officials say it's the homeowner's responsibility to take care of slippery driveways and sidewalks.

Emergency rooms around the area are seeing a significant increase in serious injuries caused by falls on the ice.

"Today, no hypothermia, a little bit of frost bite and a lot of falls - rib fractures, wrist fractures, knee and ankle injuries and an occasional head bump," said Dr. Martin Lucenti, Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Doctors warn that the elderly are especially vulnerable to serious injuries in this weather.