Mayor defends police at anti-violence summit

February 18, 2008 2:48:57 PM PST
Mayor Daley is working with Chicago teenagers to try and stop violence on city streets.

Kennedy King College, 740 W. 63rd, hosted the teen-anti-violence summit Monday. The Mayor Daley invited teens to come up with ideas on how violence can be prevented.

In a heated moment, one teen said police are responsible for violence, but Mayor Daley says everybody is to blame, and says everyone needs to make adjustments, some improvements can be made.

"Basically you have to change," the mayor said. "All the issues of guns, gangs, drugs, have been around a long time. Nothing new. The only thing new is the amount of victims that are young."

The mayor says if the teens can help him tackle the issue and prevent just one death that would make anti-violence programs a success.