Officials: Budget cut could be devastating

February 21, 2008 3:13:36 PM PST
A group of Cook County public safety officials say courthouses could be closed if threatened budget cuts go into effect.

The sheriff, state's attorney and clerk are among those speaking out Thursday. They say if the county board OKs a proposed 13-percent budget cut it would be devastating.

"I do not have the option of sending detainees home on the weekends they have shown propensity of not wanting to come back to my jail, so that's not an option I have. The options that are being laid out there-- more closures and other things that would just exacerbate a system right now that is overwhelmed," said Sheriff Tom Dart, Cook County.

By law, the county must pass a budget by next week.

Board President Todd Stroger is calling on a sales tax increase, but most commissioners are against that idea.