Colorlab Custom Cosmetics

February 25, 2008 10:50:00 AM PST
Do you have trouble finding foundation that really matches your skin color? Do you have a favorite lipstick color that has been discontinued? Do you buy blush at the cosmetics counter, only to find you hate the shade when you get home? Then Colorlab Custom Cosmetics may be the answer for you. The company offers the first fully custom-blended cosmetics line that allows you to have your makeup designed, hand-crafted, custom-blended and freshly made exclusively for you. Providing couture cosmetics in London and Paris for more than two years, the company has now opened its first boutique in Chicago on trendy Armitage Avenue and interactive counters at flagship Macy's on State Street, Chicago and Union Square, San Francisco..

Colorlab Custom Cosmetics is eliminating makeup mistakes by introducing a cosmetics experience that offers women customized cosmetics at the counter in a matter of minutes. Colorlab customers can design one-of-a-kind, natural lipsticks, as well as eye shadows, blushes and foundations in unlimited hues and formulations for every skin type and need ? literally bringing the cosmetics lab to the counter. The products are competitively priced with other high-end cosmetics lines, but boast unlimited customization options.

"Makeup is not one-size-fits-all," says Mary Swaab, founder and CEO of Colorlab Custom Cosmetics. "We're giving women the opportunity to have the makeup they really want. Colorlab inventors work closely with each individual to ensure that every product is perfect for them. Women love getting the perfect makeup and being an integral part of the makeup invention experience. Through our innovative process, we're literally closing the drawer on makeup mistakes."

Colorlab Products Each signature product (lip gloss, lipstick, eye shadow, pressed and loose foundation, blush and bronzer) is custom-created in unlimited shades, textures and intensities. From scents and flavors to anti-aging minerals, sun protection and more, inventors create the perfect formula tailored to each customer.

But it's not just about how the makeup looks on, it's also about how the makeup feels and what it can do for the skin. Products are made from natural ingredients that include a variety of naturally based "active" peptides, minerals and botanicals that help beautify, nourish and repair skin for women of any age or skin type. Plus, with recyclable packaging, the products also help preserve the earth's natural beauty.

Colorlab's cosmetics products range in price from $16 - $42 and are available for invention at both of Chicago's Colorlab Custom Cosmetics locations as well as in San Francisco.

Colorlab Experience Colorlab invites women to let inventors guide them through the fun and engaging process of cosmetics invention. Clients simply consult with an inventor at the counter (no appointment necessary) to create customized, hand-crafted, perfectly matched products in about the same amount of time it takes to sort through and select ready-to-wear products at any other cosmetics counter.

When the creation process is complete, customers are presented with the final product, which bears the tagline, "I invented this," and is named by its customer inventor. All signature formulations are stored in a computer database to make repurchasing favorite products easy and convenient. The customized products can also be given as gifts; customers can simply purchase an empty container (such as lip gloss or eye shadow) and the recipient can bring it to the counter for a custom makeup experience at any time.

Colorlab Inventors & Training Colorlab Custom Cosmetics inventors are highly skilled makeup artists trained to not only match makeup to the individual but to also recreate favorite makeup products, allowing women to rediscover discontinued products or tweak their favorites to better fit their needs. Inventors have an average of more than 10 years of experience as makeup artists and 80 hours of color theory training, perfecting the science and art of creating custom products to fit each woman's needs.

About Colorlab Custom Cosmetics Founded by makeup artist Mary Swaab, Colorlab Custom Cosmetics is the first fully custom-blended cosmetics line that allows consumers to have their own shades and formulations "invented" at the makeup counter in minutes. The Chicago-based brand was launched at Galeries Lafayette in Paris in 2005 and Selfridge's in London in 2006, with its U.S. rollout planned for 2008.

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