Most towns have adequate salt supply

February 25, 2008 7:53:48 PM PST
Several suburbs are better equipped to deal with the snow this time around. A few weeks ago some areas were experiencing salt shortages.

All the snow is bad news for commuters who are tired of winter at this point. The good news is at least there is a good chance that most towns have had a chance to catch up on their salt supplies.

When ABC7 visited Arlington Heights Monday, they were getting a fresh shipment in just in time for Monday evening's snow. They had been conserving salt by mixing it with sand, like a lot of other communities, and they were only laying it down on curves. But now they say they are ok.

"We've got probably about 1,500 tons of salt. That will last us for at least four or five more storms. So we're doing good there. But shipments have been slow all throughout the year since November," said Mike Reynolds, Village of Arlington Heights.

Chicago's Department of Streets and Sanitation is monitoring conditions. The city is expecting to have its full complement of crews, 360-some trucks, on duty Monday night.

"We still advise people to be cautious on their trips home, because it's wet outside, and anyone who drives in Chicago in heavy rush hour traffic knows it can be a little slippery even if you're just dealing with rain," said Matt Smith, Streets and Sanitation spokesperson.

Smith says, despite our snowy winter, the city still has 200,000 tons of salt available.

The weather caused airlines to cancel more than 300 flights Monday at O'Hare. Delays averaged 90 minutes. Flights into and out of Midway were delayed up to 30 minutes. City officials say only a few cancellations have been reported.