Lawyers make music in Chicago courtroom

February 28, 2008 4:23:59 PM PST
A conductor turned playwright uses music to tell his story. David Katz is the founding music director of the Chicago Bar Association of Orchestra, which is believed to be the first in the country composed entirely of lawyers, judges and law students. Rehearsals take place in a Daley Center courtroom.

"They bring to music some of the same things they bring to their professional lives as lawyers. So I'm always grateful and gratified by how seriously they take the music and how much it means to them," said Katz.

The group meets every week in the Daley Center to make music and get rid of the daily stresses and tensions of legal life.

Katz has transformed his experience as a student learning to be a conductor into a one man play "Muse of Fire," in which he stars.

"The idea was to try and bring to audiences some idea of what a conductor really does...and about the joy of classical music," said Katz. "There are two main characters, the sorcerer, this crusty conductor, and the apprentice, who's sort of like me but not exactly."

"I had this idea to write a play and I had an idea to want to share some of the secrets of music with audiences. And, that sort of dovetails very well with being a conductor. It seemed like a natural, at least to me. "

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