Police investigate deadly shooting near school

March 7, 2008 10:09:46 AM PST
Police are searching for a gunman who shot two brothers, killing one, in what appears to be part of an ongoing dispute in the south suburbs

The shootings happened Thursday in South Holland. A 24-year old man was killed and his younger brother injured. Friday morning, family members are looking for answers, while police search for suspects.

The shooting happened in a field behind Christ the Savior Elementary School. Fortunately, no children were injured.

School was back in session Friday as police continue their investigation. Officials working this case have yet to offer a motive, but family of the victims say that these two men were gunned down simply because of $60 and a cell phone.

Relatives say the death of 24-year-old Kenneth Thomas is the result of a dispute at a dice game.

"It was just from the dice game the night before. That's the way they could get Maverick to come out of the house. Kenneth being the oldest brother felt like, you know, there is a lot of guys jumping on my little brother, so he ran out, too," said Gwendolyn Thomas-Saxton, shooting victim's aunt.

Investigators are still trying to determine what sparked the shootings. The victims' family says the 24-year-old and his 20-year-old brother Maverick Magee were gunned down as they ran to the aid of a 15-year-old sibling at Thornridge High School after the two brothers were told by someone else that the teen was being picked on.

Family members say the brothers were close, making this tragedy even harder to handle.

"The three sons are a lot closer in age, three peas in a pod. They are loving brothers. They care for one another no matter, you know, what goes on. They are all three always there together," said Thomas-Saxton.

Police are hoping that witnesses can give them a description of the gunman. They are also hoping that they may have a description of any vehicles used as they try to apprehend whoever is responsible.