Student's song delivers message of peace


The shooting last week at Crane High School, which claimed the life of Ruben Ivy, prompted David Woulard to make an urgent plea.

"Some of the kids at my church attend Crane, so they were personally affected, because they happened to be there," said Woulard, a sophomore at Phoenix Military Academy. "I'm trying to send out a message that we need to make a change. I want to make a change."

Woulard set his message to a melody. It has struck a chord with his classmates.

"That's mostly what's influencing us, music. We're so used to listening to gun violence, shooting this, I need some money, this and that. But that's not exactly what this is about. It's about living life to the fullest," said Marchon Williams, sophomore, Phoenix Military Academy.

Administrators at the West Side School say they are proud students are using their creativity to help bring about change.

"It's a movement. Students are reaching out. Students are just trying to express themselves," said Leonard Harris, principal intern, Phoenix Military Academy.

"Other people are going through the same thing and they can relate to it so it gives them some support," said Mildred Valderrama, English teacher, Phoenix Military Academy.

Woulard says he just hopes his peers will take his message to heart.

"There's always a question asked before any action is taken. Should we do it or should we not? Well there's needs to be somebody in the group that says 'no' we shouldn't," said Woulard.

Phoenix Military Academy is only a couple of blocks away from Crane High School, so a lot of the kids know each other. They are all hoping no more of their classmates fall victim to gun violence.

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