Demonstrations held outside Chinese Consulate

CHICAGO Chinese troops have reportedly killed scores of protestors in Tibets in the past few weeks. The Chinese government blames the Dalai Lama for recent violence in the country. Many Tibetans object to the Chinese occupation of their country-- and are fighting for independence.

In Chicago, protestors want the Chinese government to lift restrictions and allow foreign journalists into Tibet to report on the violence.

"Stop the genocide in Tibet. The Tibetan people have been completely suppressed," said Klsang Gyatso, protestor.

More than 1,000 people gathered in Chicago to call for an end to the killings, burnings and lootings. The protestors accuse Chinese security forces of mass abductions and midnight raids. "If we go in the street and spread the word… it's really going to make a difference," said Chimme Dolkar, protestor.

"What I want is the Chinese to talk with the Tibetans and work this out," said Choephel Thekhabaro, protestor.

Several protestors are calling for a boycott of the Olympic Games, which are to be held in Beijing, China.

"What we are saying is China is not for the Olympic Games," said Gyatso.

"I think they should be boycotted because we've boycotted in Moscow and because of the human rights," said Betsy Byrd, Tibetan Alliance of Chicago.

Demonstrators marched on Michigan Avenue past the Wrigley Building to the Chinese Consulate. One protestor who climbed to the top of the consulate building was arrested. Another protestor allegedly through a rock at one of the windows on Clark and Erie.

The Dalai Lama recently said he was willing to step down as head of the Tibetan government in exile if that is what is needed to stop the riots.

"The Chinese have resorted to just killing and now the reason for these riots are because there are no human rights in Tibet," said Tenzing Peldun, protestor

Chinese officials are accusing the Dalai Lama of masterminding the clashes in order to taint the Olympic Games and promote Tibetan independence.

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