Woman, 70, shot to death in her home


The shooting happened just before 6:30 Monday morning. Police say 70-year-old Maggie Browder was killed when a bullet fired from outside her home and went through her front window.

Police are not saying much officially but they are continuing to investigate. What we're hearing from her friends and neighbors is that Maggie Browder was respected in her neighborhood, loved by her family, and was taken unnecessarily.

A beloved woman is deeply grieved.

"She was there when my family wasn't there. She was a lover. Lord, she was everything. We will miss her so much. We'll miss her so much," said Geneva Mack, victim's niece.

Seventy-year-old Maggie Browder was known for taking care of everyone. But, at about 6 Monday morning, she was shot and killed after there was a knock on the door of her Victory Heights home, 12212 S. Morgan.

"I heard two shots. It was two or three. And I said let me get out there. Lord, who would do this? She couldn't see," said Barbara Golden, victim's daughter.

Browder's oldest daughter was the only one home at the time.

"I see her on the floor and I said, God, please. I called police, and then I ran back to her to hold her," Golden said.

As police investigate the murder, those close to Browder want to know why.

"Why? I just want to know why. Why would you come up to someone's door at 6 in the morning and just shoot her?" said Martha Thomas, victim's niece.

"Six o'clock in the morning? It wasn't like they were just shooting at random. We can't figure it out. Just cannot figure it out. The family is very distraught. We just can't believe she's gone," said Rev Marshall Robinson, Greater New Mount Eagle Baptist Church.

Relatives continued to come by the house Monday afternoon. There is a large family contingent on its way to Chicago from St. Louis. They're planning the funeral. That could take place on Saturday.

In the meantime, detectives are continuing to work the case, but at this time there are no suspects and no motive.

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