Robber tells shop to call him with cash

On Monday, Jose Sida was working at Mufflers for Less on the city's Northwest Side when a man wearing a ski mask stuck a gun into his back and demanded money.

"It scared everybody," said Sida, Mufflers for Less

Sida and another worker, Antonio Diaz, told the suspect they didn't have any money.

"He gave us his phone number when we told him we didn't have any money. He told us to call him back when the owner came back with the money and he was going to come back and rob him," said Diaz, Mufflers for Less

Sida and Diaz called Chicago police. District 25th officers responded and waited- and, to their surprise, the suspect showed.

Ruben Carate, 18, was shot and wounded by officers. He is hospitalized with a wound to his leg.

"We didn't see it. We ran to the back," said Sida.

Carate was charged with aggravated robbery, unlawful restraint, use of a weapon and assault of a police officer.

"I still don't understand why he acted like that. We didn't know the guy. I don't think he knows us. Something's unbelievable. Something's wrong," said Sida.

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