Dollars and Sense: Recession Proof Your Job

Jason Ferrara of with some suggestions on how to safeguard your job.

Tips for Safeguarding Your Job:

  • Seek out additional responsibility. Show you can wear many hats and transition skills by volunteering to take on different responsibilities and projects. Try to get involved in long-term projects.
  • Be a team player. Be known as someone who shares information and actively tries to help benefit the work of others. People want to keep people around who make their jobs easier.
  • Offer up ideas. Show the company that you're a dedicated employee trying to help the firm weather the storm by proposing ideas for cost-savings, improved efficiencies or new revenue streams.
  • Toot your own horn. Keep a current record of your accomplishments and contributions to the company, quantifying results whenever possible. Share new wins in a "project update" email to your boss and other supervisors who may benefit from your accomplishment.
  • Stay positive. Rumors can often run rampant if layoffs are under consideration. Keep positive and keep committed to the job at hand. Don't take part in the rumor mill.
  • Explore other opportunities. Let's face it. Sometimes layoffs are inevitable regardless of how strong of a performer you are. Keep an updated resume and look for other positions within and outside of your firm. Make sure to establish a network with colleagues, friends, family, neighbors, etc.

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