Record-setting riders set to Bike the Drive


Even a cold wet rain couldn't prevail against 20,000 bikers who fearlessly turned out last year for Bike the Drive. Among that number were Marci and Cliff Hermanson of suburban Mount Prospect. This year they are registered for their third participation in the event to possibly become the oldest bikers to make the run. Marci is 76 and Cliff is 81.

"That might be possible. I don't know. We don't see as many as old on the drive. And I managed to pass a few small children, but most everybody passes me, so its a lot of fun," said Cliff Hermanson, biker.

"It's just to see the city with no cars. It's a beautiful experience," Marci said.

How long have the Hermansons been riding bicycles? Well, they'll tell you something like 70 years.

"I don't even really remember. It is just been a part of me forever," said Marci.

"I think I started when I was five years old. So that's 76 years," said Cliff.

Bike the Drive extends from Hollywood to the Museum of Science and Industry and back for a total of 34 miles. In the past, the Hermansons have traveled half the distance.

"You got to have some sort of exercise. We walk and bike and gardening and things like that. As long as we can keep doing that we're happy. If I couldn't, I think I'd be in pretty bad shape," said Cliff.

"Just great. No aches. No pains yet. It's great," said Marci.

Marci and Cliff Hermanson, of Mount Prospect, some bikers you should know.

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