Mom helps nab gunman who wounded daughter


Tuesday, Mary Fultz pointed out bullet holes from gunfire outside her mother's home Monday. One of the bullets struck her 24-year-old daughter in the leg.

"I came to the top of the stairs and we could see her head. 'Are you hit?' 'Mom, I've been shot.' Somebody said 'Where?' She said, 'My leg,' " said Mary Fultz.

This is not the first time bullets have come through this Aurora home. This time Fultz, a 42-year-old community activist, decided to take action.

"I just jumped and I went out and jumped in my van and I started thinking like the police -- like watching for 48 Hours on TV -- and I just went past them where they were and I passed in that direction to see where they would come out at," Fultz said.

Fultz chased the accused shooter to an apartment complex. She said police followed her and caught a 15-year-old suspect hiding in a nearby cemetery. At least one other suspect is still at large.

Fultz's mother has lived in the home for 38 years and has watched what she describes as a decline in the neighborhood. She said she has had discussions about her situation with police.

"They told me they were very aware of that house and they had been having problems with that house. And I spoke to him and said, 'You mean to tell me you didn't tell the community about that kind of house in the neighborhood?' " said Beulah Fultz, homeowner.

Meanwhile, Mary Fultz says she fears retaliation, but under the same circumstances she would do it all again.

"If something happens to me, I'm praying that all the work I've done won't be in vain," Mary Fultz said.

Fultz's son was hit by a bullet back in 2004, which motivated her to form a community watch group.

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