Daley blasts Tribune for museum editorial

CHICAGO The mayor supports relocating the facility from Navy Pier, despite strong opposition from neighbors and their alderman. The $100 million project was approved by the Chicago Park District Wednesday.

It's expected to come up for a city council vote in June. The Tribune ran an editorial calling a deal to sell museum naming rights arrogant.

"They have the power of the pen. They got all the power," said Daley. One day you're here, the next day you're fired. I can't figure out the Tribune. They're advising me what to do with the city and they're going right in the tank. I love that, the Sun-Times is in there too. So this is unbelievable, they're giving us advice constantly on how to run the city; their stock is going down, they wanna sell Wrigley rights."

Mayor Daley says he has the votes in city council to approve the children's museum's move.
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