Cab surcharge goes into effect

CHICAGO A $1 fuel surcharge is now in effect. But, some cab drivers don't think the public has been informed of the new charge.

Cab drivers say surcharge placards they are given to post in their cabs were distributed on Friday, but not all drivers got one. And, without the placard, they say they could get fined for customer complaints if they try to collect the extra money.

"Do you even think you could distribute something like this to 7,000 drivers in a weekend when government offices are closed? We found it to be extremely, I don't know, outrageous and ludicrous, actually," said Peter Enger, United Taxidrivers Community Council.

The Department Of Consumer Services says cab owners were given enough time to pick up the placards.

Drivers plan to ask for a moratorium on the complaint fine until the situation is straightened out. They also plan to submit a petition for a permanent fuel surcharge.

Riders have to pay the surcharge if the average cost of gas is above $3.20 a gallon for one week.

Right now, the price is well over $3.20 in Chicago.

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