Cedric Benson denies boating while drunk

Police say Benson failed a field sobriety "float test" Saturday while he was on his 30-foot power boat on Lake Travis near Austin, Texas.

When the officer asked him to come to land for a more extensive test, he allegedly argued and refused to put on a life jacket. That prompted the officer to pepper spray and physically restrain him.

Benson is now free on bond.

Benson told the Sun-Times he did nothing wrong. "I was not intoxicated. There was alcohol on the boat and others were enjoying themselves, but I wasn't drunk."

He says police went too far. "Even after they pepper-sprayed me, I have no idea why they did that. I was cooperative. I asked them several times why they did that and they didn't give me an answer."

"We're always disappointed when we have someone who's in trouble with the law," said Lovie Smith, Bears Head Coach.

Coach Smith says the team is waiting for more information before taking any action.

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