Musical Magic sets trends in music for children

Musical Magic is a hip, cool, music program for children. The founder writes and sings all original songs for babies, toddlers and their parents. There is a growing trend with children to incorporate more interactive, confidence boosting songs, dances, into their lifestyle. These songs promote self-confidence, proper manners, and self-awareness.

Rosanne Locricchio-Barnum created Musical Magic out of a desire to help young children develop a sense of self-esteem, imagination and spirit through music that is both fun and relatable to them.

The majority of the songs learned and performed during musical classes is originally written & performed by Rosanne. Rosanne's repertoire is aimed at children ages newborn through four-years-old, and incorporates numerous props -- including colorful hand puppets, sheer scarves, musical instruments, rhythm sticks and egg shakers -- to keep children curious while also cultivating dexterity, coordination, decision making and sharing skills. A singer and pianist since the age of 6, Rosanne's greatest passion is music. Like many professionals, she had considered music merely as her hobby. But after spending 11 years in public relations, she decided to transform her passion into a business that would help share her joy of music with her other love -- children. Rosanne's upbeat lyrics and musical themes transcend traditional rhyme schemes with self-expressive and confidence-building songs -- without the singing purple dinosaurs. As a result, she has attracted a loyal following of hundreds of students and parents across the Chicagoland area.

Musical Magic is based on the philosophy that music shared with young children can help encourage language development, self-expression and creativity. They will begin to develop confidence that will last them a lifetime.

Musical Magic varies from other child/parent classes in the following ways:

  • Many of the songs sung in class are original songs written by Rosanne with upbeat lyrics and musical themes that includes messages of self-confidence and self-expression.
  • In addition, other programming includes upbeat classic favorites such as "Rockin' Robin," "Rock Around The Clock" and "Crocodile Rock" that both children and adults enjoy as opposed to traditional nursery rhymes.
  • Several props (not just instruments typically used as the only prop in other programs) are utilized throughout the class including egg shakers, scarves, rhythm sticks, puppets, bubbles etc. to help cultivate a child's dexterity, coordination, decision making and sharing skills.
  • While programming varies with each age group, each Musical Magic class incorporates 3 themes: self-esteem, imagination and fun.
  • Due to the uniqueness of the programming, Musical Magic parents are long-time clients who participate in several sessions as they are encouraged by their child's language progress, emotional growth and strong sense of spirit that develops from class.
  • Positive feedback from parents regarding Musical Magic's unique songs inspired Rosanne to record a CD of her original songs titled "Just As You Are" The Songs of Musical Magic, so that parents can sing along with their child at home. The CD is available on the Musical Magic website

Musical Magic:
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Music performed on the show is available on CD for purchase at:

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