Clinton expected to win West Virginia

The new message on Hillary Clinton's website sounds like the beginning of the end of her presidential campaign. However, on the eve of the West Virginia primary, where Clinton is expected to win with a landslide victory, there's no talk of surrender. Instead, Clinton compares herself to John F. Kennedy in 1960.

" John kennedy didn't have the number of delegates he needed when he went to the convention in 1960, but he had something equally as important. He had West Virginia behind him," said Senator Hillary Clinton, (D) Presidential Candidate.

"I'm extraordinarily honored that some of you will support me. I am grateful. I understand that many more here in West Virginia will probably support Senator Clinton," said Senator Barack Obama, (D) Presidential Candidate.

Obama's the one talking surrender Monday- at least in West Virginia, where he's campaigning for the first time. Even though he will probably suffer his biggest drubbing Tuesday, he continues to attract a handful of new super-delegates every day on what appears increasingly to be an inevitable march to the nomination under the direction of campaign manager David Plouffe.

"You'll know when it is over, because either we got to the delegate number or our opponent drops out," said David Plouffe, Obama Campaign Manager

"He's done a tremendous job as a manager, you know, running campaigns. It's like drinking water from a fire hydrant, it is not easy," said Rep. Rahm Emanuel, (D) Chicago

Congressman Emanuel is still the only uncommitted Illinois super-delegate. While he acknowledges that Barack Obama looks like the winner, he is quick to add that it's not over yet. But like most of the political world, he thinks the man of the hour --after Barack Obama --is campaign manager David Plouffe. He put all of it together -- fundraising, volunteers, internet, state-by-state organizations-- and is on the verge of an incredible victory.

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