Home invasion, shooting leaves one injured

FRANKLIN PARK Police say they shot and injured one of two suspects who forced their way into a woman's home. That woman called 911 as the armed suspects came inside her home.

It all happened just before 11 Tuesday morning in Franklin Park.

It was a dramatic shootout inside the house. State police were still on the scene six hours later investigating the shooting part of it. Police say it appears to be a justified shooting. In fact, the two officers who went inside the house may very well have saved the woman who was inside the house from serious injury or even death. Neighbors say they heard screaming coming from inside the house.

Emergency services were called, and then police quickly arrived and surrounded the house. Officers then heard a gunshot coming from inside and decided to break in, going through the front door.

"There were two suspects inside the house. They both apparently took cover as soon as they saw the officers come through the door. And then one of them poked out with a gun. And that's when the firefight ensued," said

Police exchanged several shots with the suspects. Investigators were still trying to determine why the two suspects broke into the house on a quiet dead-end street in Franklin Park. The woman who lives there was home alone. Her family was at work and school. Neighbors say they're alarmed.

"I was scared. I didn't know whether to come out or stay inside, pretty loud and pretty chaotic," said

The woman inside the house was uninjured. The officers were shaken but physically fine as well. Franklin Park police say it's been several years since they had to fire weapons at a suspect. And they're grateful this potentially dangerous situation ended with no one getting killed.

"It's close quarter inside of a small house like that, not a lot of room to move around. So basically, like I said, they did what they had to do and neutralized the situation," said

Police say the suspect who was shot was taken to Loyola Hospital in Maywood in stable condition. He is expected to survive. The other suspect was taken into custody.

Both could be facing charges of attempted murder of a police officer.
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