Stop the Violence: Conflicts and Resolutions

ABC 7's Ron Magers and Cheryl Burton anchor the program. Charles Thomas and Paul Meincke contribute with special reports. This commercial free half-hour was broadcast in HD on Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. An encore presentation aired Saturday, May 24, 2008 at 2 p.m.

In ABC7's first two Stop the Violence specials-- A Search for Solutions and Lessons and Alternatives -- community leaders and voices came together in the studio. In Conflict & Resolutions, ABC7 goes into the communities to explore the ongoing conflicts and efforts to resolve them.

According to Jennifer Graves, vice president and news director, "After reports of young people dying violent deaths became an all too frequent part of our newscasts, we decided that something so devastating to the community warranted further examination. The STOP THE VIOLENCE series of specials were produced to initiate a community dialogue. We wanted to provide a better format for the discussion and exploration of the many factors that contribute to the serious violence problem facing our city."

During the special, Magers and Burton go out into Chicago to neighborhoods where violence has taken a heavy toll on the families who live there. They talk to parents, educators, law enforcement and the kids themselves about what they think can be done to stem the tide.

ABC 7's Charles Thomas reports on what it's like for those living in a neighborhood where violence is always looming. Paul Meincke reports on how law enforcement is using both existing and new technologies to track guns and the criminals that use them.

STOP THE VIOLENCE takes a close-up look at the role parents play in the continuation of violence and what's being done to help them head it off. Also examined are ways in which local groups are trying to teach young people peaceful conflict resolution from a grassroots level.

Wilson Toy is the executive producer of STOP THE VIOLENCE: CONFLICTS & RESOLUTIONS; Sylvia Jones is the producer.

Resources from Stop the Violence: Conflict & Resolutions:

The Black Star Project -- Parent University
The main goal of The Black Star Project is to connect parents with services to help them parent more effectively.

Kids Off The Block
Our mission is to give at-risk low income youth positive alternatives to gangs, drugs, violence, truancy, and the juvenile justice system. We accomplish this through Tutoring/Mentoring, Music, Drama, Sports, and Local/Out-of-Town Trips

Family Focus
The mission of Family Focus -- one of the nation's flagship family support programs since 1976 -- is to promote the well-being of children from birth by supporting and strengthening their families in and with their communities. For information on the centers, visit

Illinois Systems for You
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Love is Not Enough to Keep Your Family Strong
Love Is Not Enough is an Initiative of Strengthening Families Illinois, a collaboration between the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and over 40 partner agencies and organizations. Click here for Parent Café information

Passages Alternative Living
Parent Education Workshops - Assist parents in developing effective childcare and communications skills to strengthen family relationships. Address: 10 W. 35th St., 3rd Floor; Chicago, IL 60616; Phone: (312) 225-3800.

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