Throw a Sex and the City party

This weekend marks the moment we have all been waiting for -- getting "Carrie-ied" away at the theaters!

What better reason to get together, than to throw a Premiere Party of your own, followed by a visit to the big screen to see the movie of the summer.


The perfect party invitation is of course in the theme - designer shoe invitations - customized with the date, place, time, and more. These can be hand delivered or scanned and emailed to guests if your timeframe for planning is shorter than mail allows.


Now you know when it comes to "the girls" brunch is the ultimate meal together.

From City Bakery to Balthazar they have noshed all over Manhattan - and we have watched hungrily. So for this party, the menu has to follow and showcase spectacular brunch food - taken to new fashionable heights of course.

We've set the table with a designer linen - yellow is all the rage for fashion this season - and events follow the very same trends. This cut out overlay is the perfect finishing touch to a gorgeous and elegant feminine table.

On top we have laid white Phaleonopsis Orchids - which are the ultimate "sexy" floral. They are also easy to design, as you can buy them at florists, groceries, and pot in chic, glamorous pots. They last for months upon end, making them more long lasting than a floral arrangement with cut flowers. Surrounded by dozens of candles, this sets the mood for a special, warm, brunch setting.

My favorite brunch foods include miniature small plate dishes - like Asian Noodle Salad in mini Chinese take out boxes with chop sticks, and the ultimate cocktail - mini lobster martinis. These are from J and L Catering, and are wonderful as they are served at room temperature, keeping you out of the kitchen and mixing with your guests.

I also love petite bite size menus - waffle and sausage bites, ham and cheese tarts, brie and berry in puff pastry, mini jelly filled donuts dipped in your own toppings like chocolate, hazelnut nutella, pistachios, and more make for tasty and terrific party food. These are all from Trader Joes - a favorite party secret.

Add to the menu some extremely decadent desserts - mochi, which are bite size Japanese ice creams, espresso trifles, pecan fudge macaroons...


And of course the cocktail menu must be a cosmo bar. As Carrie's ultimate fetish, shoes become the focus of the specialty drink menu. Designers are the stars here - as we rename cocktails or mocktails after Carrie's favorite fashions -- a Berry Blahnik after Carrie's favorite brand, a Lychee Louboutin, a Ginger Jimmy Choo or Grapefruit Gucci. It's fun and easy to invent cocktails combining fruit juices or purees with flavored vodkas.

Cheers - to Carrie and the girls - yet again!

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