Jewel voluntarily taking chicken off shelves

Jewel-Osco is temporarily taking its Jewel Fresh Chicken off shelves following an internal review of its quality.

The product is not being recalled.

Jewel-Osco says there are no health concerns. But the chicken did not meet its own quality standards.

The product is expected to be back on Jewel-Osco store shelves later this week.

In the meantime, customers who are not satisfied with their purchase of the following Jewel Fresh Chicken can return it to the store for a refund:

Jewel thighs
Jewel jumbo thighs
Jewel drums
Jewel jumbo drums
Jewel wings
Jewel jumbo wings
Jewel leg quarters
Jewel jumbo leg quarters
Jewel wing drumette
Jewel whole fryers
Jewel cut up fryer
Jewel split breast
Jewel jumbo split breast
Jewel chef's trim b/s thighs
Jewel chef's trim tenderloins
Jewel chef's trim b/s breasts
Jewel chef's choice thin sliced
Jewel baking hen
Jewel boneless/skinless thighs
Jewel boneless/skinless breast tenders
Jewel boneless/skinless breasts
Jewel homestyle whole roaster

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