ABC7 Interview: Obama on campaign, Kennedy

Obama, Clinton meet for discussion
The surprise meeting comes just two days before she's expected to endorse Obama.

The only information the campaigns released about this meeting is that Obama and Clinton had a productive discussion about what it will take to succeed in November.

Obama and Clinton did, in fact, meet positively in Washington, D.C. at the home of another U.S. senator, Dianne Feinstein of California. And while it's unknown what the specifics of their meeting, it could be assumed the Obama-Clinton dream ticket came up like it did earlier Thursday, when ABC7's Andy Shaw interviewed Obama in nearby Virginia.

The presumptive Democratic nominee sat in for an interview with one potential running mate at his side, Senator Jim Webb, while another, Clinton, says it's Obama's choice. She's not asking for the spot.

The vice presidency is the most important decision I will make before I'm sworn in. I will do it methodically," Obama said. "I will not be pressured."

He's clinching the nomination. He is only halfway to the White House. And that reminds him of a story that basketball legend Magic Johnson tells about the rookie who wanted to celebrate a conference championship.

"Some rookie's coming in with champagne," Obama said. "And Magic says, 'We don't celebrate the conference championship.'"

Obama's getting a taste of a rough road ahead as Republicans question his judgment for taking campaign money from Tony Rezko.

"It has nothing to do with me," Obama said. "I hope his family will be OK."

Obama says he's looking forwarded to a spirited five-month presidential campaign battle against the presumptive Republican nominee, Senator John McCain. But first, it'll be three days of R&R with his family back in Chicago, where he plans to chill out, hang out and go out on a couple dates with his wife, Michelle.

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