Pink Panthers double dutch team

June 9, 2008 10:24:15 AM PDT
Double Dutch is not only popular on the playground, but also as a competitive sport. Originally from Holland, Double Dutch jumping spread to New York City, where two police officers transformed it from a sidewalk past-time to a world-class sport. The Pink Panthers Double Dutch team began in 2004 with just four members. Today 40 youngsters are involved in the sport that is played with two ropes. Founded by Joyce Dickerson and several local moms, the Pink Panthers now call the Markham Park District home. The team includes jumpers in grades three through nine; all of whom compete in local, regional and national events.

Two years in a row, the Pink Panthers team has placed within the top five Double Dutch teams in the world, competing against teams from China, Japan and Germany. The team is scheduled to take part in the AAU Olympics in Detroit in July. It is going to cost the team about $25,000 to travel to the competition. They're in the midst of fund-raising right now.

For more information on upcoming fundraisers, call 708. 647. 0506 or visit