Gear Guru's best green presents for Dads and grads

"Gear Guru" Patrick Netter is back with lots of ideas to help you out, including a look at some great "green" gifts for dads and grads.

Babolat Tennis Racquet Drive Z 110"

$199 at

A new racquet with tech advantages of power/control and less vibration. Particularly Ideal for senior club players

The first ergonomically designed grip is contoured to fit the shape of the hand and is designed to offer more control with less racquet twisting.

The "Cortex system" filters out the harmful racquet vibrations, leaving the player with plenty of ball feel and comfort. Should help prevent tennis elbow… a common problem. Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick are 2 big racquet boosters and Babolat players since they turned pro.

Babolat is the world's oldest tennis gear manufacturer started in the 1870s.

Club Count Golf Bag

$299 at

A totally easy to use high-tech caddy that will save you from losing your precious wedge, iron and more!

Acts like a virtual caddie, always counting to make sure you've replaced all clubs in your bag during the golf round.

Electronic sensors built into the bag, warn players any time they leave a club behind on the course.

A subtle chirp and LED light will only warn players when they fail to return the same number of clubs that they pulled from the bag.

A High end bag with the best quality zippered pockets.

Trauma Fix

$34.95 at

Remarkable new topical gel for healing cuts and bruises faster.

Topical gel that uses natural botanicals and herbs to encourage skin tissue repair. Revolutionary "cold processing" technology. Speeds up the healing process by providing a microscopic protective layer on the skin as it heals.

Controls bleeding on scrapes and cuts. Reduces inflammation from bruising and minor burns.

Great for soothing sun burned skin and with continued use improves the appearance of sun damaged skin.

"Respect Balls"

$30- $60 at

First basketballs, footballs and soccer balls you can feel good playing with.

First sports equipment company in the US to launch a full line of eco-certified Fair Trade sports balls, ensuring fair wages and healthy working conditions for our adult workers. Also, first balls made of eco-friendly materials.

Feel good story and a company that is going in a socially responsible direction.

Respect Balls also donates all their profits to charity, just like that Newman's Own brand of popcorn and salad dressing. All their after-tax profits go to children's charities (Room to Read and Boys and Girls Club)

Solio Hybrid Solar Charger

$79.95 at

The truly universal green chargers that power iPods, phones, cameras…..that plug into the sun!

Universal Charger – Replace all your charges with one Solio

Stores Power – Take your power with you anywhere

Hybrid Charger – Charge it from the sun, or from a UBS port

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