Bears' Benson charged with drunken driving

The Chicago bears are not happy about the news.

"We're going to treat this very seriously. It's unfortunate, disappointment is too often a used word when we're taking about Cedric," said Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo.

An Austin police spokesperson says the Bears player was stopped as he traveled near the town's entertainment district where he allegedly drove his car through a red light at approximately 3 a.m. Saturday.

Police say Benson was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated based on his performance in a field sobriety test administered by officers.

In an e-mail, Benson's Austin-based attorney, Sam Bassett, wrote "A bondsman who assisted in Benson's release tells me he saw Cedric within two or three hours of his arrest and that Cedric did not appears to be intoxicated."

The incident is Benson's second alcohol-related arrest in just over a month.

"We realize what's going on with Cedric, but the rest of our players are here, and this is a good day," Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith said.

There was a similar team response after Benson's arrest in early May on misdemeanor charges he was boating on Lake Travis near Austin while intoxicated and resisted arrest.

Benson maintains his innocence and claims he was mistreated by police who used pepper spray on him.

A former college and current Bears teammate, Nathan Vasher, says there are only so many second chances.

"There's only so many opportunities that you can have. I really don't know all the details. So, unfortunately, I can't speak on it," the defensive back said.

Chicago Bears fans had mixed reactions to the news.

"If I had lots of money, I would just hire someone to take me all over the place, but I guess they're not thinking common sense like that," Michelle Taggard, another fan, said.

"I'm a big Cedric fan, but it's hard," said fan Deaja Bradley. "It's an unfortunate situation."

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