Rising Fox River threatens homes

Antioch, Ill. Flooding along the Fox River is creating rivers in front and back yards. Garages are flooded and residents are hoping their homes are not going to be next.

Residents have been watching as the water has been slowly but surely rising all afternoon long. Several homes are surrounded by water in a Fox River subdivision. And there is even more water coming from up north in Wisconsin. How much more will determine how bad the water level will get over the next day or two.

Squeegeeing his garage for the third time in the past nine months, local resident Bob Paganucci knows it's a losing battle. Pagnucci and his wife moved here from Bensenville two years ago. Ankle deep in water with more coming, the 64-year-old says the area was supposed to be his retirement paradise.

"It was supposed to be laid back, enjoy the boating, have a cigar. Paradise. It's hell," said Paganucci.

"I enjoy it more than my husband. But he does do more of the cleanup than I do. But it's frustrating," Carol Paganucci.

The Fox River in New Munster, Wisconsin crested on Monday and water should arrive in Illinois in the next 24 hours. If so the water level should be higher than the flood in April but less than the amount last August.

A local resident is regretting moving to the area from bone-dry Las Vegas three years ago.

"I would really like to go back!" said Arlene Thomasetti.

Up north the raging Fox River is up about two feet over flood stage in the Antioch township. At a Fox River subdivision residents have been sandbagging since Monday. Locals are waiting it out and praying it doesn't rain.

"The only thing is my beautiful pier got hooked by a huge tree and is precariously perched on my neighbor's boat," said Reynolds.

Forecasters are calling for a 30 percent chance of thunderstorms in the area on Wednesday and a chance of rain on Thursday and Friday. But even if it doesn't rain, the chain of lakes is expected to rise up to a foot in the next 24 hours, threatening dozens of homes.

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