IPRA investigates police shootings

CHICAGO Neither officials nor the agency formed to hold police accountable has not released much information in the five separate shootings, which occurred within six days.

With a huge case backlog and new, major cases being filed virtually on a daily basis during the past week, Chicago's Independent Police Review Authority is so busy it doesn't have time to talk publicly about its work.

The latest police shooting took place in an alley behind the 300-block of West 109th Place early Monday morning. Ronald Knight, 24, was shot to death after allegedly pointing a gun at pursuing officers. Bobby Jordan, who says he witnessed the shooting from his porch, disputes that police account.

"I didn't see no gun. He had to use both hands to get over the fence. I didn't see no gun," said Jordan.

A bullet in that shooting was found inside a neighbor's home.

"The people that are firing the gun should be more careful," said Bonita Judd, homeowner. "Especially the police."

It is now in the custody of Chicago police investigators.

In all five shootings, investigators from the IPRA were dispatched to the scene. The agency was commissioned last fall to help hold police accountable for their use of deadly force. IPRA is required to report its findings within six months of the incident.

Corinthia Federick is still waiting to hear from the IPRA about the police shooting that killed her fiancé on November 13, 2007. Freddie Wilson was struck by 18 bullets.

"They tell everyone six months because it is standard, but actually it is going to take another year and a half," said Federick. "No one has ever admitted to seeing him with a gun. As a matter of fact, all of the witnesses said he had his hands in the air."

"He was murdered. That was a brutal slaughter by the Chicago Police Department," said Federick

The other recent cases:

  • On Wednesday, a 16-year-old was paralyzed by a police bullet.
  • On Friday, a man was shot to death in the 5900-block of South Michigan Ave.
  • On Saturday, another fatal shooting.
  • Also in the last week, an officer shot, but missed a subject.
  • Despite the rash of shootings, IPRA Director Ilana Rosenweig was unavailable for comment because she and her spokesman had prior commitments. She has agreed to an interview with ABC7 on Tuesday.

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