Rep. Dillard for McCain, despite Obama ad cameo

CHICAGO He planned to attend a fundraiser at the Drake Hotel and meet with a group of Hispanic leaders from the Chicago area.

Republican John McCain is in Chicago Wednesday night, raising money for his presidential campaign. He will also meet with Latino voters.

Republican Kirk Dillard, the former DuPage County GOP chairman, had enough respect for the political style of his Illinois senate seat-mate, Democrat Barack Obama, to appear in a TV ad that ran in Iowa last summer.

But the primaries are over. And Dillard's presidential choice is fellow republican McCain. So McCain's campaign wants to make sure there's no confusion.

"The McCain people, I wouldn't say pressured me, but said, 'Hey, will you make it clear we don't want that ad to run in the head-on-head contest?'" said State Senator Kirk Dillard, (R) McCain supporter.

As a result, Dillard is asking Obama's campaign to remove him from any future political ads.

"I think the Obama people got what nay wanted out of my 10-second cameo appearance in the Democratic primaries, but I'm for John McCain," said Dillard.

Earlier Wednesday, Obama's wife, Michelle, was a guest co-host on ABC's "The View," where she tried to polish an image that's been roughed up in the media. McCain's wife, Cindy, was on the show recently in recognition of the fact that Americans are interested in prospective first ladies even though they're voting for a president.

"I take them in stride. It's a part of this process," said Michelle Obama of attacks on her.

"This is really between Senator Obama and Senator McCain, and I think that both Cindy and Michelle, while need to be scrutinized, should be cut some slack," said Dillard.

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