Poll: Race not a big concern in election

The ABC News, Washington Post poll shows Democrat Barack Obama leading Republican John McCain 48 to 42 percent among adults expecting to vote.

McCain, however, leads Obama 51 percent to 39 among white voters, but analysts say, those numbers are not an indication of any racial motivations among white voters surveyed.

"The net effect, when you size them and put them together, is essentially nil. Obama's support among white voters, at the end of the day, is about the same as average for Democratic presidential candidates over the last eight elections," said ABC News Polling Director Gary Langer.

"For African-Americans to be represented in the highest seat in the land will, I'm sure, swell black voter participation in the fall," said Fred Harris, a Columbia University political analyst.

Sen. Barack Obama is the first African-American candidate expected to be nominated by a major party.

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