Virus cited as source of golf club sickness

June 24, 2008 2:39:21 PM PDT
The DuPage County Health Department says a virus similar to one found on cruise ships made 24 people sick at a west suburban restaurant.On Tuesday, county health officials determined the norovirus was found at Wheaton's Arrowhead Golf Club restaurant late last week.

The restaurant has been closed since eight customers and 16 employees developed flu-like symptoms Friday.

The club is owned by the Wheaton Park District. County health officials were called in. The source of the virus has not yet been determined. But officials don't believe a specific food is the cause.

"I guess it is the type of virus, you see on the news from time to time, a cruise ship has an illness run through it. It also is fairly common in nursing homes and schools and things of that nature," said Mike Benard, Wheaton Park District director.

Only one person who became sick sought treatment at a hospital. Golf and special events were using outside catering continues at the clubhouse.