Chicago kids urged: Learn to swim!

CHICAGO The mayor was at Union Park on the city's West Side promoting swimming as healthy, fun and important to know how to do.

A survey by the University of Memphis shows nearly 60 percent of African-American youth can't swim, compared to only 31 percent of white children. There's also a high number of Hispanic children who do not know how to swim.

"I encourage you to teach your children, and I encourage your children to learn how to swim, because swimming -- you do better in academics. You can have a job all summer. You can get scholarships if you know how to swim. Swimming opens a whole new world for you," said Wanda Butts, son drowned.

In honor of Chicago's Olympic and Paralympics bid,1936 Olympic gold medalist Adolph Kiefer is donating $20,000 worth of equipment to help kids learn how to swim.

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