Chicago father helps son injured by gunfire

June 27, 2008 10:10:21 AM PDT
A South Side father is being credited with helping his teenage son who was injured early Friday morning in an apparent drive-by shooting.Robert Dixon was with his other son in the garage of his home at 98th Street and Green when ais car drove down the alley. Moments later, Dixon heard what he thought was a firecracker, but it turned out to be a gun shot.

"My son hears it and said it was a gunshot, but said, 'no,' we thought it was a firecracker. By that time, I heard my son coming on the bike screaming, 'Daddy, he just shot me. Daddy, I'm shot.' The blood was just pumping out like it hit an artery or something. I had to put a tourniquet on it. I applied pressure," the father said.

Dixon's 17-year-old son was shot in the arm and is expected to recover.

Police are still looking for the shooter.