Police: Triple homicide drug-related

CHICAGO One woman and two men were shot to death in a South Shore apartment building near 78th and Kingston. Officials said the murders appear to be drug-related, but family members do not believe the victims were the intended target. They believe the victims were innocent bystander.

Vanity Murff, 21, was with her boyfriend, Lawrence Terrell Jackson, and another man visiting friends when all three were shot to death around 10 p.m. Two of the victims were found in the foyer of the building and the other was lying on the stairs. The foyer and hallway are riddled with bullet holes.

Police are checking to see if a security camera may have captured video of the shooting.

"When Vanity got shot in the hallway, she was running away from what was going on. It wasn't intended for her. Somebody please step up and say something," said Cleora Murff, victim's grandmother.

Murff is asking for anyone with information in the shooting to come forward.

"These guns are getting in the wrong hands now and that has affected my family and my life. So I want it to stop. Please stop y'all and think about the life that you're taking. You're taking someone's family member away from them," said Cleora Murff, victim's grandmother. Muff said her granddaughter had just enrolled in technical college and was trying to change her life.

"She was cool. She was crazy. She was so in love with her guy. I know that. They lived together and they died together," said Brittney Robinson, victim's friend.

"He was the nicest person. Him and her. They never disrespected nobody," said Jennifer Jackson, victim's sister.

Those who live near the scene of the crime said their neighborhood is often plagued by violence.

"Everybody needs to get the guns off the street and stop the killing," said Thelma Shaw, area resident. "They took a good person."

"It is no way to live. What they need to do is shut the whole environment down around here," said Diamond Page, area resident

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