Conduct a symphony at Ravinia Festival

HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. "This is a chance for people to come and experience for themselves what it's like to conduct an orchestra," said Nick Pullia, Ravinia Festival director of communications.

Amateur conductors lead the way with a wii wand. Somehow through digital musical magic, the conductors are transformed into Sir George Solti and the orchestra pays attention to your every move.

"It is not animated. UBS videotaped the UBS symphony orchestra which was doing a tour and recording a CD. They recorded them live performing all three pieces which can be heard and conducted here at the UBS Virtual Maestro," said Christina Crowley, Ravinia Festival manager corporate relations. "Simply take it as slow as you'd like or you can rush up as fast as you like and they will follow you right away. You can see them on screen rushing as well."

According to Ravinia, anyone- even those without rhythm- can conduct this orchestra.

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