Dance teacher keeps pupils light on feet

They're keeping Georgia on their minds while they fine tune their skills as line dancers. And that would be Georgia Griffin who transmits her energy to others in the interest of fitness.

"She is so special because it's about a love thing, a love affair with dancing and exercising and keeping your body moving," said Marian Smith, line dancer.

Once a loop secretary, Griffin is a certified aerobics instructor who started the dance classes a dozen years ago. Busy six days a week, she teaches 469 students.

"My goal is to have everyone jumping around and getting a lot of exercise and having a good time because it's about enjoying life," said line dance instructor Georgia Griffin.

One of her most devoted students is Bernice burke, 94.

"I get out and dance and get a little exercise...I'm enjoying it...and I'm thankful that I's still here to enjoy it," said Bernice Burke, line dance student.

On May 16th, after years of holding sessions in park district field houses and churches, Griffin moved into her own studio, a space that used to be a car wash.

"She makes it so easy. You think it's so difficult but when she breaks it down anyone can do it," said Vivian Willis, line dance student.

"You can make a mistake and she won't jump all over you. She'll give you a chance to correct it and it keeps you in the right mental frame," said Clyde Andrews, line dance student.

Griffin, 54, is the mother of four grown children and six grandchildren.

"It makes me feel good to teach them new things and have them do new things and accomplish things they don't think their bodies can do any more. That's my joy. That's my blessing," said Griffin.

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