Home cleaning company goes green

null The company, Sparkle Queen, says the products it uses work just as well as traditional household cleaners, but they won't hurt the environment.

Jennifer Khatchatrian spends much of her free time with her young sons, Chaz and Jack. She has this time to spare because of her team from Sparkle Queen.

"My son, Jack, is allergic to a lot of things. I'm allergic to mold and he has asthma," said Khatchatrian. "So, we basically wanted to get a cleaning company that used cleaning products that were not only safe for your finishes, but we wanted products that were environmentally friendly."

Sparkle Queen home cleaning service only uses products made with natural and bio-degradable ingredients. But when Hillary Thieling started the company in 2003, that was not the case. She turned to green products out of necessity.

"Just working with the products that people gave me, I would feel sick and immediately I said 'No, I can't do this,'" said Thieling. "My people aren't going to do this all day, and I can't even handle this."

While most of her customers seem happy with the switch, she says the move also caused her to lose a few clients.

"We do refuse to use the bleach... and that is pretty much the only thing that's gonna whiten up some mildew or mold in your shower," said Thieling. This caused the company to lose some clients.

That's not the only change Thieling has had to explain to clients.

"One of the funny things that we hear is there's no smell. And we say, 'Yeah, well, clean has no smell,'" said Thieling.

For the Khatchatrians, preventing Jack's asthma is a welcomed benefit.

"It's our culture to want things to smell Pine-Sol clean or want them to smell a certain way or think that they're not clean if they don't smell like a typical bleach or a detergent," said Khatchatrian. "Right now, what is a preference eventually will be a lifestyle that people choose."

The company also has phased out paper towels and only uses cloth towels which, of course, can be used again and again.

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