Police prepare for party on Chain O' Lakes

ANTIOCH Lake County police are adding extra patrols and preparing for any possible problems. Among the events that will get attention from the police is an appearance by the "Girls Gone Wild" film crew.

It's not been an easy summer for those living and working along the Chain O' Lakes with the weeks of flooding and a shortened boating season, but all that is in the past and it's time to party. This Saturday, two big options present themselves.

The first is at the popular Blarney's Island bar in Antioch where the slogan is "where Key West meets the Midwest," they're getting ready for the racy "Girls Gone Wild" franchise to sweep into town to profile Blarney's as part of their hottest bars in America feature.

"I think that's an opportunity for all the single men in the Chicagoland area. Luckily, where is my fiancée? I don't have to worry about that anymore," said Jason Hetermagn, Blarney's patron.

Before you get ideas of things getting out of control, Blarney's owners said despite the "Girls Gone Wild" reputation, there will be no public nudity at the bar itself, and despite the hype they're subjected to, Blarney's is no big stranger to big parties.

"It's good to have so many people in what's happening here. We're disappointed the interest is all because of a potential negative that people think, "Girls Gone Wild" that's going to be horrendous," said Rob Hardman, Blarney's co-owner.

"We do this kind of thing every single weekend. We had one called Blarney Gras instead of Mardi Gras," said John Haley, Blarney's co-owner.

The sheriff says they will be keeping an eye on the bar through their regular boat patrol.

"I want to make sure the boaters are not under the influence, number one, and I want to make sure there is not criminality, nudity that's affecting other people," said Sheriff Mark Curran.

The sheriff's biggest concern this week isn't here at blarney's but at the nearby lake petite sand bar party where 1,000 boats are expected to tie up together and party the day and night away on the Chain O' Lakes.

These are trained police officers who know what they're doing and they're going around the perimeter making sure it doesn't affect the citizens that live in the community, so that they're able to enjoy their peace and quiet.

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