Teen's body found in pool

CHICAGO Police have still not identified the young man. They are treating it as a death investigation.

Police are investigating the death of a young man in a swimming pool in Ada Park in the Morgan Park neighborhood. The body of the young man in his late teens or early 20's was discovered in the water a little after 10 a.m., before the pool was scheduled to open for the day. Investigators removed huge trays of broken glass from the water.

Residents say the pool is part of the Chicago Park District. Shanece Bates, a resident, claims a number of people were partying in the pool area after the pool closed Wednesday night.

"They were out here sitting, partying, just loud, and they always sneak in the pool," Bates said.

"They climb the fence late at night and get over in the pool. Especially on hot nights like it has been," said Lois Sanders, Morgan Park resident.

Officials removed the body several hours later.

"It's a tragedy," said Sanders, "because you don't know what happened to the kid, you know, whatever, f the parents know he's missing, you know, this is somebody's child here."

Long-time Morgan Park resident William Alexander says he has had concerns about the park over the years.

"I've called 9-1-1 each and every day that these kids are sneaking up in this pool late at night. And every time I call, the officers don't come until around about four or five hours afterwards," said Alexander.

Alexander added that the closed gates that surround the pool apparently does not stop young kids from climbing over the gates. If anything, he says, it sort of helps them. He would like to see more security at night.

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