Police search for driver in deadly hit-and-run

CHICAGO Five-year-old Ashton Barker was killed Thursday afternoon when he was struck by a car while walking cross the street at 67th and South Shore Drive with his 9-year-old brother, Savion smith and their 69-year-old grandfather Jess Barker.

Ashton's grandmother Valerie Barker says her grandson loved to play in the mall of their condominium, because he loved being in the son and that he was a precocious child.

"Full of life, vim, vigor. A sponge, he absorbed everything. He had this most infectious smile, with long eyelashes," said Valerie Barker.

Savion was treated and released from the hospital and is now staying with his grandmother. She says he realizes his brother is gone.

"He's as well as could be expected," said Valerie Barker," but for him not to want to watch television, that's quite something."

Barker says her grandsons were also best friends, they went everywhere together, and that little Ashton loved being center stage and achieving things.

"He was his own person, he was happy playing by himself or with a group, and he just loved life," Barker said.

Jess Barker is at Northwestern Hospital still unconscious. The driver of the car is still at large.

"I wish that the person would just come forward, it was an accident," said Barker. "It was an accident and things happen."

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