Seven ways to slash household budget

Families who make a few simple changes may be able to reduce their waste and spending at the same time.

Amy Blankenship Sewell, who founded the website "Shop with Style," suggests seven ways to slash your household budget.

  1. Water Filtration Pitcher or Faucet Mount
    A family of four that drinks bottled water at home on a regular basis may spend more than $2,400 on bottled water each year. Save by purifying your own water at home with a simple faucet mount or water filtration pitcher.
    Cost: $29.99-$49.99
    Savings: up to $2,400 per year
  2. Produce Storage
    According to USDA, Americans throw away $250 per person worth of spoiled produce each year. Keep produce fresher longer with food storage bags that keep fruits, vegetables, and even flowers fresher longer.
    Cost: $9.99 for 20 reusable bags
    Savings: up $1,000 per year for a family of four
  3. Electricity Usage Monitor
    Assess how efficient your appliances are by connecting them to this monitor, which calculates consumption and electrical costs by the day, week, month, or year – helping you decide where to cut back.
    Cost: $34.95
    Savings: varies according to use
  4. Microfiber Cloths
    Dust furniture (dry) or clean mirrors, chrome and windows (dampened) without requiring any furniture polish, cleaners, etc.
    Cost: $24.50
    Savings: varies according to use
  5. Walking Shoes
    Save money on gas and improve fitness by leaving the car in the garage and walking more often!
    Shoes: 35-70 percent off retail price.
    Savings: $4.00+ per gallon of gasoline saved
  6. Start planning your holiday spending now!
    Begin your shopping list, and start saving so that you will only spend what you can afford.
    Cost: nothing
    Savings: unlimited
  7. "Shop" full price
    Before buying anything on sale, ask yourself if you would still want it at full price. If not, don't spend the money, even if it is a great deal
    Cost: nothing
    Savings: unlimited

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