Suspect in police standoff killed

CHICAGO Police say it started Tuesday just before 11 p.m. when officers on routine patrol tried to question a suspicious man. Police say he pulled out a gun and started shooting.

"The subject fired shots at police. At that point, one of the officers was struck in the shoe. The bullet penetrated the officer's shoe. The officer was not hurt. The offender fled into a gangway at 79th and Bishop where the offender barricaded himself," said Monique Bond, Chicago Police Spokesperson.

Dozens of officers and squad cars lined 79th Street near Bishop in response to the incident. When a police SWAT team arrived the man started shooting at them and even opened fire on a police helicopter hovering above.

"One of the SWAT officers was struck by the firing rounds in his safety vest. The bullet did lodge in the safety vest. Fortunately, the officer was not harmed," said Bond.

Police returned fire, fatally wounding the man around 12:30 a.m.

Chicago police detectives are continuing to investigate the shooting. The gangway where the man was held up is still roped off.

Several people who live in the building at 79th and Bishop witnessed the incident.

"You could hear a barrage of gunshots, you see the police start running, from 10 to 2 you just heard gunshots, it was terrible," said Ed Davis, neighbor.

Neighbors say violence in the Auburn Grisham neighborhood is common, especially during the summer.

"Because of the gang activity, the drug activity, it doesn't surprise me. It's sad that it has become commonplace," said Vanessa Perry, neighbor.

Police say they did recover a weapon at the scene.

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