Back to School Gadgets

They include:

· -- A featherweight sub-notebook computer: MacBook Air only weighs 3 pounds. $1,800

· -- Hotel chain recommendations for families of college students that feature gas rebates. $20 rebate

· -- A 2.5-ounce digital hotspotter to find wireless networks quickly. $60

· -- A solar charger to recharge your phone or computer without a plug. $80

· --Speaking of plugs, a portable multi-outlet strip for all your stuff. $25

· --The latest in portable hard drives to store your files. $190

· --An inkjet printer that uses cheap ink! $150

· --A pair of video glasses that will help pass the time with your video iPod. $300

· --NewerTechnology USB Adapter: Turns an old laptop or desktop computer into a super-fast wireless machine for about $50. Technology/MXP802NU2C/ $50

· --A card can upload photos from your camera to your computer or the web wirelessly. $130

· --For the two-iPod student, this docking station from JVC is also a radio tuner and you can play video on any TV. $180

· --The Chumby reads your email, picks up the weather on the internet, goes to your favorite web pages, and even wakes you up in the morning. $180

· is a new website where you can order gallery-quality prints of famous music stars for your dorm for about $100. (I'll have some actual prints with me we can show). FROM ABOUT $100

--The Modbook turns an ordinary MacBook into a tablet PC--perfect for aspiring artists and graphics students. $2,300

Most of these products can be found at Ferrara's Web site:

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